Effiwater. The waterworks company

Effiwater is a "build up" of companies dedicated to the Integral Water Cycle, with the intention of providing the entire range of services that operators ,whether public or private, may require .


Effiwater has professionals located between the group's headquarters in Madrid, and different locations in Spain, Europe and Latin America. It has developed its activities for the main public and private operators, with the unanimous recognition for the quality of its work.


Effiwater is present in both, the domestic and the international market. It develops its activity for the main water operators in Spain, with private, public and institutional clients.

In the same way it’s present in Latin America (Nicaragua, Belize, El Salvador), in Eastern Europe (Romania) and Southeast Asia (Oman), with stable colaboration agreements. In the next three years it will be present in the United States and will expand throughout South America and Asia.

Areas of activity.
Effiwater develops its services in the following areas of activity:

  • Engineering and consulting
  • Technology
  • Services